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At the boundary between the city and the mountain


Situated at the boundary between the city and the mountain, the residential building is located in the most prestigious part of the city close to government residences and monuments of the world cultural heritage. The place offers excellent connectivity with the city center as well as major entry and exit points in all directions. The building is located in Boyana district between Vassil Chekalarov and Panoramen pat with administrative address 49, Panoramen pat.

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Special relation between the building and the forest space

The most essential characteristics of the development area are the isolation and the calmness of the surrounding forest, low-rise/low building density and the relatively steep terrain.

The basis of the project is the special relation between the building to the forest which ensures at the same time suggests high level of openness to the environment and privacy of the individual units of in the multi-family residential building.

Abstract horizontals,
glare and light


The flats are situated in a single block with elongated terrace-shape structure of three floors, which follows the elevation of the terrain. The garage area is partially embedded.

Three-section composition,
openness and seclusion


There are one-side and corner flats. They are situated linearly at building's periphery. The simple structure and design allow variability of the disposition of the rooms. The living rooms lead to a big terraces. The spaces of the flats are situated in the center of the property and of the three-section concentric composition with variable degree of openness and seclusion. The first, inner circle is the actual flat, closed with isolated glass sheets stretching floor to ceiling. It could be open or closed with internal curtains and sliding windows to the space of the terrace and garden space. The terrace could be closed or open to the space of the forest within the property which is limited at the periphery by the green fence.


I/O архитекти


I/O Architects are one of the most eminent representatives of the new wave in Bulgarian architecture and some of the few Bulgarian architects identifiable abroad. Their projects have been nominated seven times for the award of the European Union for the modern architecture Mies van der Rohe and widely published in authoritative world media for architecture and design, i.e. Archdaily, Dezeen, Wallpaper and A10. They have experience in the design of high class residential buildings and interiors.

Team: Vyara Zhelyazkova, Georgi Katov, Stefan Apostolov

Mirat Group

Main contractor

20 years after its establishment Mirat Group is committed to the principles: Quality, Correctness and Efficiency. Mirat Group Ltd is related to excellent quality of the offered services, personal commitment to the customer and loyalty. Their services cover a wide range of construction business: civil works and sites with different specifics and complexity. The company operates with their own, trained specialists in different areas of construction and it executes not only the construction work but also provides “turn key” solution.



Transfert is an investment company, established specifically for the realization of the project. For that purpose it has raised in the shape of own capital funds all the required financing for the completion of the project. The main idea behind the project is to offer the demanding buyer a home which is in harmony with the environment with no compromise of the technical quality and efficiency of its use.


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